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Quantum Voice

An App to secure the voice

Based on the core concept of Quantum Trilogy – a closed group of users connected through the Internet to dedicated private servers and using genuine proprietary quantum devices to secure communications – our flagship application allows your personnel and clients to speak in a secure and private environment.

Whether you are making calls, sending files, or text messages, Quantum Voice is the ultimate solution for security-sensitive information.

Protected by the industry-recognized quantum-safe encryption standards and cohesive maintenance plans, your communications are always safe.

To increase the entropy (*) of our end-to-end encryption, we use a genuine quantum device – A QRNG (Quantum Random Number Generator) – fully integrated between your devices and our back-end servers.



Quantum Voice allows private organization chat to simplify further and secure collaboration involving sensitive information.

Each external party, such as clients, can only talk to the person that invited them, and by design, cannot speak to any unauthorized user, drastically reducing the possibility of social engineering.

With Quantum Voice, you can select your own message retention policy by choosing how long a message is viewable before it is deleted.

Quantum Voice is resistant to eavesdropping thanks to End-to-End quantum encryption. This means your device encrypts your data to a key which only your recipient has. The data you send may only be decrypted by your intended recipient.

This protection can be further augmented by putting a PIN, Face ID or Fingerprint lock on the App.

All Quantum Voice communications pass through Ethernet, Mobile Data Networks, or Wi-Fi. The data in motion is secured by End-to-End quantum encryption. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) or any potential eavesdropper may only be able to see a connection between your network and our Quantum Trilogy servers. The message cannot even be decrypted by Quantum Trilogy; it can only be decrypted by the intended recipient.

(*) In computing, entropy is the randomness collected by an operating system or application for use in cryptography.



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Based on the core concept of Quantum Trilogy - a closed group of users connected through the Internet to dedicated private servers and using genuine quantum devices to secure communications - Quantum Mail is an e-mail system which provides the same protection as Quantum Voice, with all the benefits of e-mail communication.

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We go beyond simply encrypting your messages with the best current security standards. With every Quantum Trilogy product, you control every aspect of your personnel and client communication.

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