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Quantum Mail

An App to Secure the data

Based on the core concept of Quantum Trilogy – a private enclave connected through the Internet to dedicated private servers and using genuine proprietary quantum devices to secure communications – Quantum Mail is an e-mail system which provides the same protection as Quantum Voice, with all the benefits of e-mail communication.

Whether writing e-mails, scheduling meetings or keeping track of tasks, Quantum Mail is the ultimate solution for high risk and high value communications.

Quantum Mail by Quantum Trilogy is a user-friendly tool for the Microsoft Outlook Email Client which employs Open Source Software, such as PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) and TOR (The Onion Router), to provide the most effective security.

Although PGP encryption is considered highly secure since it was developed in the 1990s, it is rarely used because of technical knowledge requirements.

Developed by the US Naval Research Lab for the US Navy and Marine Corps, TOR works by encapsulating data in multiple layers of encryption and propagating it through virtual tunnels managed by volunteers around the world.

Based on PGP and TOR, and stunningly simple to use, Quantum Mail provides greater protection than PGP and better privacy than TOR by enhancing traditional security with quantum-safe cryptography.


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Quantum Manager An App to manage users

We go beyond simply encrypting your messages with the best current security standards. With every Quantum Trilogy product, you control every aspect of your personnel and client communication.

You have complete information about all conversations involving members of your closed group of accounts and can prevent any social engineering. By contrast, the current encryption methods cannot ensure that only the authorized users have access to your communications.
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Quantum Voice An App to secure the voice

Based on the core concept of Quantum Trilogy - a private enclave connected through the Internet to dedicated private servers in Switzerland and using genuine quantum devices to secure communications - our flagship application allows your personnel and clients to speak in a secure and private environment.

Whether you are sending files, making calls, or writing text messages, Quantum Voice is the solution for security-sensitive companies.