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About us

We are Quantum Technologies Laboratories, Inc.,

a global Cybersecurity firm based in New York City.

Our Goals

  • To help our clients to protect
    their most crucial work

  • To make the world
    more secure


A Private Enclave

Open-Source Software Secured by Proprietary Quantum Devices

An Encryption Technology Governed by the Fundamental Laws of Quantum Physics

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Who are we?

Founded in 2016 in New York City to leverage the work carried out since 1991 by Swiss researchers on the correlation between quantum physics and cybersecurity, Quantum Technologies Laboratories, Inc. has developed a new generation of technology using quantum physics to secure communications.

Our platform, Quantum Trilogy, is built on independence from other companies and government agencies, enabling us to create strong partnerships with global key players in the world of Science and Information Technology.

What do we do?

We help our clients communicate securely, preventing cybersecurity incidents and eavesdropping.
We work tirelessly with global cybersecurity leading experts and satellite communications network providers to constantly improve the Quantum Trilogy Platform.
We design and build State Private Networks with encryption technology and high-level military-grade satellite architecture services to support Governments, The Military Ground Forces, the Navy, Air Force Missions, and Homeland Security.

Building Towards The Future

We believe that the absolute protection method to secure your communications and data and your crucial infrastructure will come from Quantum Key Distribution, which provides unmatched security, regardless of the operating speed of traditional and quantum computers or the effectiveness of decryption algorithms.

Using the extraordinary characteristics offered by quantum physics, we work with global leading experts and space agencies to develop next-generation technologies, such as satellite-based Quantum Key Distribution devices.

No matter how deep the darkness, it cannot overcome a single spark of light.