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About us

We are Quantum Technologies Laboratories, Inc., a multicultural IT Cybersecurity firm

based in New York City with roots in Switzerland.

Our Goals

  • Make it possible for our clients to protect their work

  • Provide a unique technology – quantum cryptography


A closed group of users

Dedicated private servers
hosted in the US and Switzerland

Genuine proprietary
quantum devices
secure the connections

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Who we are

Founded in 2016 in New York City to leverage the work carried out since 1991 by Swiss researchers on the correlation between quantum physics and cybersecurity, Quantum Technologies Laboratories, Inc. uses innovative technologies to equip its clients with uncompromising cybersecurity systems.

Quantum Trilogy DNA is built on independence from other companies and government agencies, enabling us to create strong partnerships with global key players in the world of Science and Information technology.

Our Swiss roots allow us to benefit from the long-lasting national tradition of confidentiality and protection by enhanced information privacy laws.

What we do

We help our clients to prevent cybersecurity incidents and eavesdropping.

We primarily focus on reducing the impact of data breaches, stolen intellectual property, and negative media attention to avoid reputational, financial, and legal damages.

To address these issues, we have partnered with top cybersecurity experts to develop the Quantum Trilogy Platform. We offer our clients unconditionally secure voice and messaging systems as well as Premium Services to protect their infrastructure, including access to The NYCQN (New York City Quantum Network) by Quantum Trilogy.

Building Towards The Future

We believe that the absolute protection method to secure your communications and data as well as your infrastructure will come from quantum key distribution, which provides unmatched security, regardless of the operating speed of traditional and quantum computers, or the effectiveness of decryption algorithms.

Using the extraordinary characteristics offered by quantum physics, we work with global leading experts and space agencies on developing new technologies, such as satellite-based quantum key distribution devices.

No matter how deep the darkness, it cannot overcome a single spark of light.