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Are you the next target?


Why Quantum Trilogy?

We are a global cybersecurity company based in New York City.

We believe that the security of the information might be an existential matter, and we help our clients and partners to protect their most crucial work.


Unconditionally Secure
Communications Within
a Private Enclave

End to End Encryption
and Key Distribution
Powered by Quantum Physics

Highly resilient ruggedized
military-grade satellite

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An Integrated Quantum Communication Platform

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Quantum cryptography will pave the way while we work towards building a fully quantum secured environment.


A Cutting-Edge Post-Quantum Communication Technology

We have developed Quantum Trilogy®, a new generation technology using Quantum Physics to make our customers’ and partners’ communications virtually unbreakable..

We have built our encryption technology upon a Redundant QRNGs System Quantum Random Number Generator), which provides high-entropy seed values compliant with Classical National Institute of Standards and Technology Encryption Standards for existing NIST 800-178B and future accepted Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) standards per NIST IR 8413.

This technology – Redundant QRNGs in a Quantum Communication System - is the subject of a Patent Pending Application Number 63399011.

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About us

Based in New York City, we have created a quantum-resistant ecosystem using Quantum Physics to prevent security incidents and eavesdropping.

We partnered with leading global satellite and strategic telecommunications network providers to design and build high-level military-grade satellite and encryption architecture for Governments and the Military.

We deploy highly resilient, ruggedized military-grade satellite infrastructures with a cohesive post-quantum resistant mobile messaging application leveraging non-public and non-cloud server infrastructure traversing the satellite network.

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