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Are you the next target?


Why Quantum Trilogy?

We are a global cybersecurity company based in New York City.

We believe that privacy is a fundamental right, and we help our customers to protect their most crucial work.


An Ecosystem Built on
Open-Source Software
and Proprietary Quantum Hardware

Unconditionally Secure
Communications Within
a Private Enclave

End to End Encryption
and Key Distribution
Powered by Quantum Physics

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An Integrated Quantum Communication Platform

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Quantum cryptography will pave the way while we work towards building a fully quantum secured environment.


We have developed Quantum Trilogy®, a new generation technology using Quantum Physics to make our customers’ voice and e-mail communications virtually unbreakable.
Our Ecosystem is built on Open-Source Software protected by Proprietary Quantum Hardware.
We power encryption and key distribution via a proprietary Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG), and we empower the encryption process with quantum entropy. Our technology operates at scale and is unlimited in scope.

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About us

Based in New York City, we have created a quantum-resistant ecosystem using Quantum Physics to prevent security incidents and eavesdropping.
Our Technological Infrastructure powers the Quantum Trilogy Platform® to provide our corporate and public customers uncompromising communications.

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