Alain Obadia

Alain Obadia is a French entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience designing, launching, and operating businesses in the IT, telecommunications, and cyber-security industries.

His imaginative thinking and creativity have always inspired him to look outside the ordinary toward a future of unique possibilities that others never even imagined.

Alain started his business career in the IT industry by launching his first company in several countries in Europe at 27 to offer IT Facilities Management Services to governments and private corporations.

Identifying partners and allies with the same commitment and dedication is the foundation of his continued success.

In 2016, troubled by new kinds and potentially devastating cyber threats against critical corporate and government assets, Alain founded Quantum Trilogy in New York City.

Quantum Trilogy has developed and patented a new generation of technology using quantum physics to thwart cybernetic aggression against our corporations or institutions, whether political, scientific, or literary.

Alain is an HEC Montréal (Canada) graduate living in New York.

His diverse interests include desert trekking, mountain hiking, reading, classical music, and opera.